Dream Painters Group offers commercial painting services as well as residential painting.  For commercial spaces, we do both interior and exterior painting work.  We make sure to satisfy our customers when we are hired to do a job by taking into close consideration the price, time, and quality of our work. We understand that these three things are important for our commercial clients and we take them very seriously. Our competitive nature is the reason so many companies choose Dream Painters Group for commercial painting. We take jobs big or small and always make sure to accommodate our customers’ specific needs every step of the way.


Immaculate painting of your establishment is important for attracting clients and drawing out an image of your company.

  • We are able to assist with colour design

  • Dedicated to get the work done fast and out of hours or around those working there

  • Only premium quality paints are used

  • Quality control

  • We are determined to meet the target and are dedicated to find suitable times and work in evenings, weekend and holidays

  • Maintenance plans available



Investing into good quality paintwork to protect and maintain condominium house appearance is essential for retaining its full value.

  • The performance of the property determines how fast units are rented and sold

  • Just as important is to execute necessary works as quickly and with as little disturbance as possible

  • Professional painters and adequate techniques for optimum results

  • Only premium products are applied

  • Keeping site clean daily is essential to avoid any disruption or accidents

  • Maintenance plans available


  • For optimal progress, value and results all our work is carried out following strict guidelines and work orders. This is necessary to meet our production standards and to provide you with work and product warranties.


  • Dream Painters’ staff is carefully selected, relied on their industry experience, responsibility and dedication to provide the best quality service. Extra inductions are carried out regularly for consistent quality, technique innovations, and superior results.


  • All our work procedures are set to minimum of 11 steps and are monitored by our supervisors throughout the process. When hiring Dream Painters, you can be sure that neither prime quality, fair price nor fast pace of work will not jeopardize one another.


  • For Interior, we use Dulux Wash&Wear®  that is hard-wearing, low odour low sheen paint.

  • We use Dulux Weathershield® exterior paint with MaxiFlex™ Stretch Technology, which has been tested over 40 years in Australian conditions and has proven quality records.

  • Conventional acrylic and oil-based paint systems applied.

  • All flat, matte, eggshell, satin, low sheen, semi-gloss, gloss, and high gloss finishes applied.

  • A semi-transparent stain and solid stain deck stains applied

  • Lime washes

  • Textured coatings and membrane application

  • Cement-based paint finishes

  • Necessary caulk, putty, filler, silicone, fairing jobs carried out

  • Industrial two-pack paints applied

  • Line marking and paving paints applied

  • Airless and HVLP spraying

  • Sikaflex application


Our painters are qualified tradesmen and able to carry out various maintenance works. I case of the need for specialised work, we can recommend one of our trade associates to assist.

One of our specialities is drywall repairs.

  • Prompt assessment of the situation, finding the right colour

  • Protection of surroundings

  • Complete repair without “cutting the corners”

  • Repaint and cleaning of the area

  • Customer support put into practice

"Dream Painters Group contractors provide professional painting services to satisfied clients across the Brisbane."
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